When you say 'women generally feel more comfortable with a man who will take charge' this may be true of a lot of women, but certainly not all. I imagine a lot of women do not want a man who will turn them over his knee: try it with the wrong sort of woman, and you'll end up getting kicked in the nuts. As for Nietzsche, he was a nasty little fascist who loathed and despised women. I wouldn't take his opinion as gospel. It's dangerous to generalise from your own experiences, you may enjoy being dominant with women, but clearly a lot of men do not (there are recent postings from women on this site about this very subject). Likewise, it is equally clear to me that a lot of women don't want a dominant man, as I've said, look at the number who are keen on Hugh Grant.

by Louise C on 2004 Aug 28 - 09:27 | reply to this comment Bowling for Andrea Dworkin Wow, that was... utterly chilling (particularly the part about the phallus being "used on the woman" to bring her to subjection and take control of her life.. and I thought that was just a man-hater's fantasy of how men think).

This is an argument for assault and rape -- and not the emotionally-satisfying, fantasy-fulfilling kind of forceful sex Sarah's written about.

Why? Because in the moral world of this argument there's absolutely no need for the trifling matter of consent .

After all, all women are submissive by nature, and all respond to severe corporal punishment, ultimately, with love and gratitude.

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